Band Rec: Fat Creeps

Fat Creeps are a sweet band from Boston I saw Friday night at O’brien’s Pub. It appears they have been making a name for themselves and playing numerous shows around these parts, including one with Bundles of Joy, a band with Wakefield roots (Wakefield, MA is KLYAM’s hometown!) Fat Creeps are not the most conventional rock band, but they crank out some really catchy, inspiring tunes. I highly recommend this band to fans of unique pop music that places a stronger emphasis on passion over musicianship; so basically good music.

Here’s a video of the Fat Creeps playing at the Dirty Douglas in Lowell on Novermber 22, 2011. I’m kicking myself now for not attending this show. I procastinated as usual and had to write a Psychology and Women research paper. The irony is that Fat Creeps would have fit perfectly with my researach on women in music!

Fat Creeps @ the Dirty Douglas Lowell, MA from Brendan Brown on Vimeo.

“Fat Creeps full set. Live from the cigarette fumes and spilled beer smelling Dirty Douglas at UMass Lowell 11/22/11”- Brendan Brown

and while we’re at it, here is the Creeps’s kickass music video for “Nancy Drew.”

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