Flashback: Monty Buckles Discusses Directing Classic Black Lips Vid “Fad” (2003)

Read the story behind everybody’s favorite music video, “Fad” from the Black Lips’s epic, eponnymous debut released in 2003.


Monty Buckles also  educates us on the rough day to day early Black Lips tour life: “I asked to him how much money he brought, keeping in mind it was going to be a week of shooting the video, and two weeks after that touring, followed by a couple extra days thereafter. He says to me, “Well huh I brought $40.00.” I was like, $40.00 for three weeks? What do you plan to spend on food? And he goes well a buck or two a day. So I said what happens if you run out of money? Oh we’ll eat out of dumpsters or beg for food. “-  Monty Buckles, “Monty Buckles Talks About Directing Black Lips “FAD” ” (June 9, 2004).  Music Video Wire- MVWire.com


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