Two of the West Memphis Three Being Released,0,5347577.story

I don’t know a whole lot about the details of this story, but from what I gather it is extremely odd. The West Memphis Three were a group of teenagers that were convicted for the brutal murders of three children. Throughout and after the trial there was a heavy chunk of information suggesting that the WM3 were wrongfully accussed of the murders, even celebrity led campaigns have been made from the likes of Johnny Depp and several others over the years. I myself am convinced that there was not enough evidence to convict any of them of the crimes (not necessarily innocent, but not guilty either). Okay, so now the odd thing is that apparently two of the men will be released if they admit to guilt. Whether you think they are guilty, not guilty, or innocent, this makes no sense. Anybody else have any thoughts on this matter?

P.S. check out a great documentary on the WM3 entitled Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996).

One thought on “Two of the West Memphis Three Being Released”

  1. They examined the DNA and this effectively exhonorates them. Naturally the prosecutors need to be told that they are so perfect and all these conditions are being forced upon them to ensure justice is never done. It’s like the case of the sisters in Mississippi where former Republican leader Haley Barbour, the governor, demanded that one of the sisters donate her kidney in order to be released!

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