Not Just Another Cumstain!


Get yourself or a loved one the new Cumstain record! Y’all should know by now how much we loved last year’s Cumstain cassette tape from Burger Records, well now Burger is releasing the LP on vinyl.

“Cumstain’s debut LP “Hurry Up And Kill Yourself You Scum Bag Trust Me Your Mother Won’t Miss You” cumming soon from Burger & Under The Gun Records!!!”- Burger Records

“JUST PICKED UP THE TEST PRESSINGS FOR CUMSTAIN’S “HURRY UP AND KILL YOURSELF YOU SCUM BAG TRUST ME YOUR MOTHER WON’T MISS YOU” LP!!! pre-sale for the colored vinyl will be happening tomorrow and we’ll be having a Cumstain contest to win a test pressing of the record soon!!! STAY SICK AND STAY TUNED!!! xoxo, BRGR”- Burger Records Facebook Page!/pages/BURGER-RECORDS/54654484004 

Fuck yeah!

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