Jay’s Greatest Hits?

Clearly, Jay Reatard never had any “hits,” but he had numerous memorable songs and fan favorites alike. The concept of a “Best Of” or “Greatest Hits” for Jay seems a bit odd to me, but in light of the fact that Shattered Records will be releasing one soon, I decided to make my own playlist, entitled “Best of Jay.” At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go the route of his most popular songs, which is hard to measure, or simply my favorites. Ultimately I went with the latter. Enjoy! I highly recommend looking them up.

1) See/Saw (Matador Singles ’08)
2) No Time (MS08)
3) Haunting You aka “Fading All Away”- falsely listed as “Searching For You” (Singles ’06-’07)
4) I Know A Place (S0607)
5) An Ugly Death (MS08)
6) Nightmares (Blood Visions)
7) Screaming Hand (MS08)
8) I’m Watching You (MS08)
9) Oh It’s Such a Shame (BV)
10) Feeling Blank Again (S0607)
11) My Shadow (BV)
12) Hammer I Miss You (S0607)
13) Rotten Mind (Watch Me Fall)
14) It’s So Easy (BV)

I think I’ll take Glen’s tip and limit it to fourteen tracks. What do Reatard fans think? What would be your best of?

5 thoughts on “Jay’s Greatest Hits?”

  1. Great choices. Two non-album faves of mine are “Tiny Little Home” and “You’re Gonna Lose”. I’d probably end mine with “There Is No Sun” as the album does. “My Family” is another underrated one for me. Love that thing.

  2. Yeah those are good ones too. “Tiny Little Home,” is a nice, little treat and “My Family”is very underrated. I didn’t make my list as having any album vibe to it, but rather put the songs in order of how much I love them.

  3. Hey. Good picks but you forgot Jay’s best song, It Ain’t Gonna Save me.

    I’m super excited for the Lost Sounds best of too. THAT’S a tough one to decide. If Alicja or someone happens to read this please please please put “Plastic Skin” on the compilation.

  4. Thanks man. It Ain’t Gonna Save Me is a good song, but not his best in my opinion, but to each his own.

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