So, I hit shuffle on my ipod and the rest is history…

“One Man Revolution”- The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello) (2007)- Badass!

“Menu?”- Bill Hicks (recorded in 91, released in 2002) Bill ponders why Taco Bell has a menu

“Be Quiet (and Drive Far Away)”- Deftones (1997)- One of their strongest songs

“Loretta’s Scars”- Pavement (1992)- S & E classic

“Street Fighting Man”- Rolling Stones (1968)- 60s Revolution!

“Orange Spider”- mewithoutYou (2006)- “Orange Spider, Orange Leaf”

“Dancin’ Fool”- Frank Zappa (1979)- Gotta love that bizarre Zappa!

“Ocean Man”- Ween (1997)- Classic Ween from their incredible Mollusk LP

“Aja”- Steely Dan (1977)- I don’t really like this song or that genre of music anymore, but for what it is worth they clearly demonstrate excellent musicianship.

“Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance”- Frank Zappa (1968)- Damn, more Zappa!

Let’s see some other KLYAMER Shuffles. Be honest!

3 thoughts on “KLYAMER Shuffle”

  1. Of course man I always enjoy spreading terrific music/art and yes it is hilarious, not to mention brilliant.

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