Film Review: The Town [2010]

Director: Ben Affleck
September 17, 2010

Comments: This is a good one. I’m decently familiar with Charlestown…did the Community College thing there for a semester, climbed the Bunker Hill Monument when I was twelve, etc…so I sort of knew what was up. It was nice to see MBTA stations, grimy bars, and the Town Florist. The bank robbers were characters that I felt like I know. It could have been the reasonably accurate Boston accents, but maybe it’s the dickhead, but nice guy “townie” psyche that brought me to that conclusion. For what it’s worth, the plot is great. Extremely fictional, but great. Again, my favorite aspect of the film was setting. Thumbs up for the Fenway Park scenes and even the scenes just outside of the Park itself…at the Howard Johnson, at the (no longer?) McDonalds on Boylston, etc.

Grade: A

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