Great Chomsky Quote

“The United States hasn’t faced a threat probably since the War of 1812.” Noam Chomsky, 1994 from Demystifying Democracy, here is a link for the interview.—-.htm

What do y’all think of that statement? Naturally, in light of the tragedy on 911 it makes you question such a thing (as you should normally anyway), but I probably agree with Noam. I don’t know enought about my history to point to the War of 1812, but certainly the fact that we have a massive military budget for defense from possible threating forces is a joke. Now, like everyone else I don’t want to see another 911, of course. But, to me, that doesn’t constitute as a “threat” as in a threat to the preservation of our entire nation and/or government as it is for some other countries. The attack on 911 was murder on a grand scale and the perpetrators should be held accountable, but that doesn’t appear to be an objective of our goverment, sadly. So, I highly doubt we have to worry about another coutnry threating our overall security, but how do we prevent future, heinous, acts of terror? Well, we stop committing terror ourselves. What do other people think about Chomsky’s quote and my little rant?

2 thoughts on “Great Chomsky Quote”

  1. 1. Stop being aggressors
    2. End Iraq+Afghan Wars
    3. Eliminate 75% of military bases

    There are threats out there still, but mainly because it’s our doing. There are some poor souls in the world who probably don’t give a shit either way and will attack without being provoked. We can’t really do much to help in that situation.

  2. The real enemy is within. There was a major sabotage action in California with much of that state being blacked out in a coordinated action and Enron traders were heard laughing at the results of their handiwork. Imagine the reaction had al-Qa’eda successfully executed such an action and their agents caught laughing about it. As soon as the governor of California sued over it they organised a coup d’etat to put Schwarzenegger in his place and he stopped the lawsuit.

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