I was sitting back pondering about culture and globalization and business. You know how some anti-globalization advocates argue that individual nation states should not go with the flow of current modernist, commercial, and economic trends? That these nation states have sovereignty over “global” trends? At what point should we stop respecting culture? In a sense Western business is culture-jamming others countries with our consumerist nonsense. How do we (or should we) balance international business and economic affairs while respecting culture or disrespecting culture? For example, should McDonald’s have gone into France even if the French don’t want our shit? Should we be open economically and culturally to our global brothers and sisters or should we cut ourselves off and just deal locally? There’s no denying that businesses are playing on a “global” field as the textbooks and pundits call it. Is that always a bad thing? Somebody (you know who you are) once told me that we should trade guitars for apples and live in a moneyless society. True story. Ask yourself these questions. It’s interesting.

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