Pop Master

Perhaps two of the best words to describe the late, great (it still sounds strange) garage rocker. In my opinion he wrote the catchiest music in the history of Rock and Roll. Well, The Ramones probably have him beat and The Misfits are close, but yeah I’d say he is the 2nd catchiest artist of all time. At least for my money. In his own words, he described his aesthetic: “I make it up on the spot, improvise lyrics, usually start with a drum beat, come up with a chord progression and then start layering melodies and pulling ones out that don’t work. I end up with what I end up with. It’s kind of like a Polaroid of your music. It’s right then and there and I think that’s how it should be… It’s easier to hear they’re pop songs now.You can add anything you want to a pop song, but when you get away from that being a base, you kind of lose people.”- http://newsroom.mtv.com/tag/jay-reatard/


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