Movie Review: Ink

Let me start off this review by saying: OOOOHHHHH MMMMYYYYY GGGGGOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!! I can’t describe how PERFECT this film is. I can’t even describe the plot that does it justice. Here is the plot as told by Netflix: “Late one night, a lost soul named Ink snatches 8-year-old Emma (Quinn Hunchar) into the world of dreams. There, he hopes to use her soul to join the ranks of the evil Incubi. In the real world, Emma lies comatose, to the despair of her father, John (Chris Kelly). But the Incubi’s benevolent opposites — the Storytellers — rally to help Emma, motivating John to wage war for his daughter. Jessica Duffy co-stars in this dark fable.” After I finished this movie, I couldn’t breathe. It’s one of those. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and horrifying at the same time. The Storyteller characters will warm your hearts. The Incubi will give you nightmares (its kinda their job). Director Jamin Winans has given a gift to the cinema world. I dare you to watch this film and not want to watch it as soon as you finish it.

Overall Grade: A++++++++++++++++++++++++. Words cannot describe this film. I’ll let the film do it itself.
Here is the trailer.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Ink”

  1. in my book yeah you have to see it after I finished it, I couldn’t breath thats how good it is

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