Band Spotlight: Beirut

History: Formed in 2006 by a then 19 year old college student named Zach Condon. A few others, a short while later, joined the band and collectively began work on a debut LP titled Gulag Orkestar.

Years Active: 2006 to Present

Label: Ba Da Bing!

Zach Condon, Perrin Cloutier, Hari Ziznewski, Jason Poranski, Nick Petree, Kristin Ferebee, Paul Collins, Jon Natchez, Kelly Pratt, and Ben Lanz

Genre: Balkan Folk

Musical Style: “Gulag Orkestar,” the first track off their 2006 album of the same name, is very dramatic and folksy, featuring a delightful contrast of imposing horns and drums and light and playful tambourines. But Beirut also has songs like “Postcards From Italy” that don’t sound all that differently than your typical non-American independent folk, like Jens Lekman.


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