Top Modern Artists

These are my favorite modern artists, whom I highly recommend to all. What is the criteria for modern?

– Formed in 2000 or possibly late 90s, but for most I will only accept if their breakthrough LP was not released until the second half of the decade(’06’-present)

– Must appear on my absolute favorites list as seen on facebook under music.

– Must have listened to their music extensively (at least 1 recording or a comparable amount of songs)

– Must be currently active in some way. shape, or form. Otherwise, Page France would appear on this list, but Michael Nau wanted to focus on another project, therefore they split.

Ok, so here they are:

1) Black Lips
2) Jay Reatard
3) King Khan & BBQ Show
4) No Age
5) King Khan & The Shrines
6) Animal Collective
7) Arcade Fire
8) The Almighty Defenders
9) The Nightwatchman
10) The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
11) Arctic Monkeys
12) Head Automatica
13) The Editors
14) mewithoutYou
15) Deerhunter
16) Immortal Technique
17) Strange Boys
18) Wavves

Bold = Seen them live or going to see them live
So, twelve out of sixteen are signed to independent labels and only one unfortunately is of the rap/hip hop persuasion. Oh well, most of my rap guys are from the past.
This list, like a teacher’s class schedule, are subject to change.


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