Comparing Reporting On Sudan: Sept. 28

BBC News sums up a speech by southern Sudan’s leader in their article’s first sentence: “The leader of southern Sudan says the country is at a “historic crossroads”, as it gears up for a national vote and a secession referendum for the south.” The story is buried somewhat in the Africa section. It isn’t mentioned on the front page. Iran dominates the headlines today. Merkel is mentioned on the front page as well. Even the Roman Polanski story is getting more attention.
VOA News interestingly leaves the “historic crossroads” quote out. The lead instead paraphrases: “The President of the semi-autonomous Southern Sudan has reportedly said that there is a real chance the results of the 2011 referendum on the future of South Sudan will lead to secession from the north.” This is the top story in the Africa section and under the African section of the front page.

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