Root Beer Review: Week One

Gale’s Root Beer: “Cinnamon Ginger Vanilla Flavored”
Thoughts: The initial taste is pretty good. There’s no down side, or after taste. Flavorful, but not sweet. Slightly better than flat diet coke. Not really overly anything.
Grade: 7.3

AJ Stephans: “New England’s Best Tonic”
Thoughts: Traditional. A bit sweet, but nothing like Polar. A very solid root beer.
Grade: 8.2

Sprecher: “Fire-Brewed Gourmet Soda”
Thoughts: Fairly noticeable honey aroma. Upon taste, it has a pleasant tinge of honey. Smooth and has potential. Some of the sweetness is negated. Not overpowering. Weak at the end. Mellow.
Grade: 8.1

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