How To Take Advantage Of…


Carnival Cruise Fountain Fun Cards

Step One: Purchase a Fun Card, which allows you to keep buying soft drinks/juice every day on board for a price of $5.50 per day, on the first day of your cruise.

Warning: In order to prevent you from exploiting the system, the card states that only one drink may be ordered at a time. That makes sense. BUT the system can easily be exploited….

Step Two: Buy drink #1 at bar #1. Buy drink #2 at bar #2. Buy drink #3 from a waitress/waiter walking around the pool area. Have somebody else in your group/family buy drink #1 at bar #1, drink #2 at bar #2, and drink #3 from a waitress/waiter. Repeat this process with as many different people as possible.

Quick Note: In case you are worried about being caught…you won’t be! As long as you clearly show that you have a Fun Card, the bartender will not check the back for a name.

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