Mini Classic Film Reviews: Dirty Work…

Full Title: Dirty Work
Director: Bob Saget
Year: 1998
Comments: It saddens me when I hear that so many young boys and girls have not heard of this hilarious, wacky, raunchy comedy from Bob Saget of all people. No, this aint Full House, but it is just as ridiculous, except in a good way. DW is in the same league as such Adam Sandler classics as Billy Madison (1995) and Happy Gilmore (1996) (Sandler even makes a cameo himself), not quite on par with those ditties, but certainly in the same league. If you dig dead hookers, people getting their noses (half) bitten off, and revenge then this is right up your alley- after all that best describes my typical weekend. DW is also special because it contains the great Chis Farley in his last on screen role, and as usual he is wildly brilliant. RIP buddy.

Grade: B+/A-

Full Title: Office Space
Director: Mike Judge
Year: 1999
Comments: One of the funniest films I have ever seen period. Just about everyone knows what it is like to hate their job (at least at some point in their life) and that is precisely what makes this film funny. If you have ever taken orders from multiple bosses and felt that horrible swoosh of vapidity that comes from work then this movie is for you. OS delivers a decent story with some goofball humor mixed with a clever take on the 9-5 world; in other words a fun way of saying FUCK OFF to Corporate America.

Grade: A (one of the finest comedies around)

Full Title: South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
Director: Trey Parker
Year: 1999
Comments: Ahh good old South Park our modern day Voltaire (with dick jokes :). SP has never let us down and this movie is evidence that Trey and Matt can extend their satiric brilliance into a full-length feature. This is not simply a few episodes of SP slapped together, this is a high quality film with a conistent story that never ceases to amuse, shock, and certainly entertain. Seriously, this is the best musical I have seen in years and definitely the smoothest sitcom to silver screen transition. As much as I love the SP series, I think this is their greatest offering, by far.

Grade: A/A-