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Classic Film Reviews

Ok, so whenever we see new movies at the theaters we write up reviews for them. When we hear new albums, we crank out reviews for them. In addition to new releases, we critique older, “classic” records as well. So, considering this, I figured we, or at least I, should review classic films we view for the first time or whatever. But, I do not plan on writing full fledged reviews here, just a quick blurb and a grade. So, here are two films I recently saw for the very first time this past week.


Director: Oliver Stone
Year: 1986
Grade: A, Stone effectively transforms his own miserable experienes of Vietnam into an ugly, but realistic look at the inhumanity of War and it’s effect on man; absolutely deserved the Academy Award for Best Picture that it obtained.

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From Dusk Till Dawn:

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Year: 1996
Grade: A, Fun, bizarre action/horror/gangster/vampire flick from Rodriguez and Tarantino (writer, co-star with George Clooney); it’s a straight up ‘guy’ flick with blood, bullets, boobs and basterd vampires, not of the pussy twilight variety, but real serious motherfuckers. Oh and Salma Hayek….