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Chris On…

This is a brief segment of “Chris On…” this time around. Here are my thoughts on Family Guy.

Ok, so I love the first three seasons (especially season two), but after that the show started to jump the shark. Not totally bad and in fact seasons four and five had its fair share of good episodes, but they were nowhere near the quality of seasons one through three. After that, the show went down hill and I have not been a fan since. I feel like they have pandered to a younger and perhaps dumber audience (though I am not insinuating that young people or little kids are stupid). There was always an element of silliness to FG, but it was mixed smoothly with witty, well-written, and often culture referenced jokes. True, not all of that was suspended following season three, but we saw less of it and more of the childish and sometimes plain unfunny bits. Not to sound like an elitist scumfuck, but it appears that FG was in its hey day when a much smaller audience (including me) adored the show and the writers did not have as much of a market or demographic to satisfy. In other words, the show became more of a Family Guy trying to hard to be Family Guy kind of deal. With legions of fans nowadays (most of whom became viewers in the later seasons) I seriously doubt they will ever return to their old form. Lastly, one of the most irritating reasons I disdain the later seasons is attributed to the God Awful sound of their voices. It boggles my mind how few people pick up on this or can at least put up with it. Just watch these two videos and you will notice the difference.

Season 3

Season 6