Chris’s Top Films of Twenty Ten

So, I’m back with another list of my “Tops of Twenty Ten.” This time it is films. It should be known up front, I have only seen a few films released this year and by no means am an authority on what “The best” films of 2010 are. This is simply a list of my favorites from this year and I do think they are each unique in their own little way. Here we go!

5) Machete:

Director(s) : Ethan Maniquis and Robert Rodriguez
Comments: This is vintage Rodriguez here. Nothing more than campy, B-Movie, exploitation fun! Boobs, bullets, and buckets of blood make this the greatest action flick all year.
Grade: 7/10

4) Trash Humpers:

Director: Harmony Korine
Comments: Okay, I’m cheating a bit here, because this is a film from last year, but it is still garnering attention and being screened this year and I just saw it a month ago, and above all this is my list! so, it will stay. In any case, old Harmful is back with another unique, shocking, and arguably groundbreaking film. At its best it conveys a haunting beauty and at its worst it looks just like a snuff film. Either way, I find it impossible to not have some sort of emotional reaction. In the end, the trash humpers are us, they just have the courage and freedom to fuck in public.
Grade: 8/10

3) Toy Story 3:

Director: Lee Unkrich
Comments: Wow what a list! To go from Trash Humpers to Toy Story 3! Anyway, I rarely develop an emotional connection with kids or animated films, but I can honestly say the Toy Story series is an exception. I had a feeling this would be at least decent, but I was surprised at how exceptional it really was for a third installemnt. Without a doubt, the Toy Story saga is one of the best trilogies in all of cinema. I seriously hope they don’t make a sequel, with this film the story feels complete.
Grade: 8/10

2) Shutter Island:

Director: Martin Scorcesse
Comments: Scorcesse brings us another suspenseful, character driven film. The performances here are near flawless, as I said in my review earlier this year, oscar nominations and wins for that matter are well deserved for at least two or three actors. Shutter isn’t one of Scorcesse’s best, but a second rate Scorcesse film is a first rate Hollywood creation and an excellent time at the movies. WAYYY BETTER THAN INCEPTION! There I said it.
Grade: 8/10

Note: 2 and 3 are basically interchangable.

1) The Social Network:

Director: David Fincher
Comments: Wow, I’m still feeling the residual effects of this film’s awesomeness. I acutally went to the theater twice to see this, which I almost never do. Of all the great features of this film, chiefly the screenplay reigns supreme. This is a dialogue drenched work of art, in fact most of the movie is simply people talking and yet it’s one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen. Definitely one of David Fincher’s finest and one cannot forget Trent Reznor’s terrific soundtrack. With no hyperbole, I concur to the claim that this is a generation defining film. How can it not be?
Grade: 9/10

Just For Fun, here is a list of the top five films I saw for the first time this year though they are not “new” releases.

1) Gummo (Harmony Korine)- 1997
2) Welcome to the Dollhouse (Todd Solondz)- 1996
3) Over the Edge (Jonathan Kaplan)- 1979
4) Platoon (Oliver Stone)- 1986
5) From Dusk Till Dawn (Robert Rodriguez)- 1996