Great Scene from Kids (1995)

This is truly one of my all time favorite movie scenes. On the surface it appears to be nothing, just random shots, but within the context of the whole film it serves a purpose- a sort of bizarre PSA, like this is what will happen to you if you get too fucked up beyond repair. There’s also an eerie calmness to the scene (perfectly complemented by the music, incredible soundtrack) that stood out to me from my initial viewing nearly five years ago. The shots that linger on the various, “lost,” homeless residents of NYC are tragically beautiful. It should be noted to those have not seen Kids (1995) (a high crime indeed WATCH IT NOW!) that this is the second to last scene in the film and it serves as a transitional scene; it sets the audience up for the eye opening, disturbing finale. This is probably my favorite scene in the entire picture because it exists on its own, but it also ties in with the work as a whole. Lastly, the fact that the scene is set in the early hours of the morning not only gives a certain quiet aesthetic to it as I mentioned earlier, but also makes the images we see in front of us feel routine, like this is normal, this is how it always is and always will be. Sad, but true.

OR “A wake up call to the world!” as Janet Maslin said in her New York Times review. Here’s a link:

Anybody else affected by this scene? Love Kids? Hate it? Post a comment.

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