My Friend Dahmer

This looks like it could be the weirdo-bizarro cousin of “Spidey’s Curse.” “Dahmer’s Curse,”  a future Black Lips B-side, what a wonderful concept!

*Note this is not an actual plan or future release, but rather an odd fantasy of mine.  This comic is the work of John Backderf aka derf, a comic book writer that was acquainted with the serial killer Jeffery Dahmer in high school.  This came to my knowledge through Chuck Klosterman’s amazing, “low culture manifesto,”  Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs (2003). I highly recommend both.

One thought on “My Friend Dahmer”

  1. The Black Lips suddenly indulge in fake bloodletting and simulated capital punishment from days of yore, surely cannibalism must be next on the agenda. Some people say the blood is typical. No it isn’t! Urination and vomiting is not the same thing this simulated gore. By the way, I see Dahmer mentioned without any mention of cannibalism. That’s his claim to fame. At any rate, congratulations to the Black Lips for their work in associating that scene with executions. I approve.

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