Sleep Paralysis, Crazy Shit!

Does anybody else suffer from this? I sure do! It’s unpleasant, annoying, and sometimes downright horrifying. For those that don’t know sleep paralysis is basically when you are in the transition from sleep to fullly awaken; your mind is awake, but your body is still in sleep mode, therefore you cannot move, hence the “parlysis.” Share some experiences if you like in the comment section. Just today I felt like I was in the fetal position, felt like I was suffocated with music blaring in my ear. I could not move whatsoever and it went on longer than usual- about 10-15 minutes, at least it seemed. When I came to, I was sleeping on my back and no one was around, no music was playing. I get sleep paralysis at least a few times a month, often a few times a week. I have a mild version of it, some folks have to deal with a day to day (or night to night) trauma. Check it out.

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