Classic Film Review: Nice Dreams

Full Title: Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams
Director: Tommy Chong
Year: 1981
Comments: WARNING: YOU MUST BE AT LEAST EIGHT BEERS DEEP, EXTREMELY HIGH AS A KITE AND IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING IN ORDER TO VIEW THIS FILM. Otherwise you will probably detest it out of sheer boredom. I can’t imagine watching this sober. Yeesh. Naturally, after the original Cheech and Chong flick Up In Smoke (1978) the series started to plummet. But, all is well if you are twizsted, at least for me. I loved how fucked up and overtly aimless this stoner essential could be. With naked ladies, crazy coke snorting, and hilarious cameos from the likes of Timothy Leary and Paul Reubens (Pee Wee!) I can safely say this was not a waste of my time, in fact it felt like I had been watching it for days.

Grade: N/A- this would be an F for obvious reasons, but given the fact that I (and hopefully everyone) do not take this at all seriously, a grade is unecessary. KLYAM Recommended? Yeah sure, if you’re really baked!

Y’all know I love this scene.

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