Sunday Morning Sermon

Greetings, fellow “Kids” and other readers.

For those who don’t know me, I’ve been blogging on various topics…news, politics, humor, music, stuff like that…for many years now. And I’m 19, so I’ve spent a good fraction of my life rambling like this. I’ve been taking a break from blogging after some personal trauma/drama, but this morning I finally got the inspiration to hop on the old soapbox.

I was talking to one of my best friends, the captain of this here website, Glen Maganzini. As we often do, we talked about the Catholic church we both grew up in, St. Florence in Wakefield, MA. Funny thing is, while he still goes there regularly, as I did for most of my life, I stopped about a year ago because one morning the preacher said some things about moral relativism…sympathizing with the moral standards of other religions or beliefs…that I highly disagreed with.  Namely, that moral relativism is wrong, and that the Catholic system is the only proper way to think in moral and political matters.

To me, this idea emphasized the worst aspect of any religion: the divisive nature.  After all, according to the dictionary, “Catholic” means “universal”.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Ironically enough I still consider myself a Catholic despite not having gone to a Mass since the fall.  I still love what my religion is at heart, a well-intentioned set of beliefs that encourages all the people of the world to love each other, to treat other people the way you’d want to be treated.  But would any Catholic priest want…let’s say a Hindu, just because that’s arguably the one of the five major religions least compatible with Catholicism…would any Catholic priest want a devout Hindu to point his or her finger at the priest and tell him that his lifestyle, his beliefs, everything he stands for is immoral?

I absolutely support moral relativism because it promotes an understanding of all the different beliefs out there.  It promotes empathy, but not necessarily sympathy.  I had a great Social Studies teacher who is a devout Catholic, but never got preachy about his beliefs in a public school.  And he stressed the importance of understanding other people’s beliefs and cultures, though not necessarily subscribing to all these ideologies.  By nature, political and religious beliefs are divisive, but understanding, logic, science, practicality…those are universal, objective values.  And as much as I love my politics and my religion, I have my limits, and I know that these subjective beliefs can…and must…coexist with the truly universal ideas.

Ben Tan

6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Sermon”

  1. Glad to see you’re here! I agree with most of this, being raised in the same church, I also can’t stand it when the priest refers to gay marriage and abortion as the two greatest evils today.

  2. Abortion is undoubtedly the greatest evil of today. Useless wars and the death penalty next. Gay marriage isn’t “evil” per se; the traditional family is going away..that’s pretty sad.

  3. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. How is abortion more evil than mass murder of actual human lives? Not to mention invasions, completely destroying nations, etc.

  4. Glen, do you have any idea how fucking stupid you sound, spewing that Catholic brainwashed bullshit that abortion is evil? Do you have any clue? I don’t think you do at all, you are just another washed-up brainwashed typical close-minded catholic robot.

    Most typical Catholics do not even “think” for themselves, the preachers of the Catholic church do the thinking for them, and brainwash them literally with their bullshit “sermons”.

    Glen, fuck off with your Catholic bullshit hype. :)

  5. Abortion is the mass murder of actual human life.

    I have a clue (actually a view), and it’s not close minded at all. It’s the opposite. It’s open to human life. It’s hard for you maybe to grasp this or even respect my view point which is different. Why would you get passionate about abortion if it means nothing at all to you? The easy way to go about things is just to say let the women choose, without any respect to what is inside her. Very easy to say and very easy to just get an abortion, without thinking about what you are actually doing. Also, I don’t think that saying the Catholic church is bullshit blah blah and calling me close-minded (not true at all) works really well. It’s a religion and the preachers make their decisions based on the teachings of the Church. Why would you expect them to deviate from God’s truth?

    And about deleting your previous message, it was never deleted, it just wasn’t moderated right away. Sorry for the delay.

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