The Boston Underground Music Project

SARALEE: Active from 2011 to 2015 –
“The sweetest party indie pop that Boston has heard in sometime…” – BH
“DA SWEETEST psychedelic sounds, we all know” – BH
“infectious brand of raucous indie pop that you’ll come away humming fer sure”  – BH
“smooth psych tunes for all the true dudes” – BH
“this guitar-drum duo will transport you to a warm dream world of fuzzy lo-fi croons, crashing symbals and smothered, earnest drum grooves”
“the reigning Allston king and queen of dreamy fuzz pop tunage” – BH
“beachy garage gunk funk full of driving drums and fuzzy half-forgotten hooks” – BH
“understated, haunting lo-fi power pop, anchored by Sara’s cool, disaffected croon and propelled by Lee’s steady, shimmering backbeat” – BH
“combine pop and surf grooves for songs about love and loss, culminating in an all around good time” – BH
“SaraLee recall the exhilaration and emotional tumult of surf rock, yet are bereft of any explicit sonic tropes that characterize Dick Dale era-instrumentation or the hazy garage pop revival of the last decade. Instead, they are a surf band of the heart, one that channels the rapidly changing emotional currents into propulsive streams surging ever forward towards the sea.” – BH