The Boston Underground Music Project


DIY/All Ages Spaces: The Aviary, The Beeper Store, Boomerangs, Brookline Access TV (BATV), Democracy Center, Gay Gardens (GG Allin’s), Hotung Cafe, Lilypad, Lorem Ipsum Books, The Muthership, SMFA, Spectacle, Starlab, Studio Soto, Twin Towers, What We Talk About When We Talk About Us, Whitehaus, Yes.Oui.Si
Venues: Charlie’s Kitchen, Great Scott, The Haven, Middlesex Lounge, O’Briens Pub, PA’s Lounge, Plough and Stars, The Precinct, Rivergods, Smokey Bear Cave, TT The Bears, Zuzu

Bands: ACLU Benefit, Amobriax, Andy Allen, Arkm Foam/Walter Wright, Arvid Noe, Banditas, Battle House, Benny Nelson, Big Black Cloud, Big Dick Cop, Big Digits, Big Fuzzy, Billy Raygun, BIRTHDAYS, Bisexual Lions of God, Black Thai, Bozmo, The Blue Dress, Bugs N Rats, Bunny’s A Swine, Caboladies, Camp Hope, Casanovas In Heat, Cave Bears, Chris Forgues, Chris North, Chronic Spells, Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Condensed Flesh, Cotton Candy, Cuffs, Dark Rodeo, Dat Tracker, Diastema, Dinners, Double Awake, Draize, Dream Warrior, Dukes County Love Affair, Early Adopted, Ex Magicians, The Fagettes, Fashion Snake, Fat History Month, Four Eyes, Free Pizza, Funny Money, Fuxa Natra, Gangsta Love, GASH, Get Laid, Gila Monster, Girlfriends, Gone Bad, Greg Kelley, Guerilla Toss, Hands and Knees, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Heathen Shame, Hedge Fund, High Seas, HO-AG, Hot Company, Hurricanes of Love, Hunnie Bunnies, Hyena, The IOA, Ichabod, The Inframan, The Inhalers, Initial B.R., Karma To Burn, Kath Bloom, Ketman, Knighthowls, Laurelin Kruse, Lead Stones, Leagues, Levi Strom, Life Partners, Loft, Loud Objects, Luau, Luke Molodof, MMOSS, Mr Transylvania, Magic People, Major Stars, Mark Mandeville & Old Constitution, Mia Friedman, Mister Sister, Molasses, Morgan Evans-Weiler, The Morgan Shaker Family Band, Most Bitter, Mutual Benefit, Nat Roe, Nicky Romance, Nigel Taylor, Night Fruit, Now Denial, Party Pigs, Peter Negroponte, Peter Whincop, Pile, The Pink Parts, The Proselyte, Puppy Mill, Quilt, Rene Hell, Reports, SKVLT, Saralee, Sharpwaist, The Silks, Skimask, Spam, Stillbirth, Streight Angular, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Sunram, Sunshine Soldier, Sway, Symptomatic, Tatsuya Nakatani, Typical White Male, Vehement Caress, Viva Viva, Xiphoid Dementia, White Pages, Whore Paint, Zbornak

Nights: The Series @ Weirdo Records; Night of the Living Deadhead @ ZUZU; pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS night @ Middlesex; IMPERIALISMS @ Rivergods 

Notables: Oakland’s Hunx & His Punx played with K-Holes and MMOSS at TT The Bears on September 2. Reports released an LP on Ride The Snake Records on September 3 – the release show at PA’s Lounge featured Kitchen’s Floor on tour from Australia. On September 4, JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD from Nashville played Great Scott with Skimask, Bugs N Rats, and Luau. Carnivores and Mood Rings from Atlanta played Great Scott on September 18. Vivian Girls and Widowspeak of NYC played Great Scott on September 19. NEPTUNE released a record on Northern Spy in October. The Boston Hassle music blog started. Acid Baby Jesus from Greece played at Tufts on October 10. 


DIY/All Ages Spaces: Arc En Ciel, The Aviary, Brookline Access Television (BATV), The Burrow, Butcher Shoppe, The Circus, Democracy Center, Eric Dahlman, The Fleisenberg Floft, The Fort, The Frat Cave (Waltham), Gay Gardens (GG Allins), The Hen House, House of 1000 Smiles, Lilypad, The Muthership, Oberon, PT109, Problem House, Royal Palace, Smokey Bear Cave, Starlab, Studio 54, Weirdo Records, Whitehaus, Yes. Oui. Si
Venues: Charlie’s Kitchen, Church, The Goodlife, Great Scott, The Haven, The Middle East Upstairs, The Middlesex Lounge, The Midway Cafe, The Model, O’Briens Pub, PA’s Lounge, The Precinct, River Gods, Zuzu

Bands: 2 Ton Bug, 28 Degrees Taurus, 92 Protons, AM Internet, Ancient Filth, Ageism, Animal Hospital, April Ranger, Arvid Noe, Awful Man, BJ Snowden, Banditas, Battle House, Beat Awfuls, Bella’s Band, Berbere Superstar, Big Digits, Big Fuzzy, Big Nils, Biographies, Birdlips, Bird Organ, Birthdays, Bisexual Lions of God, The Blue Dress, Bobb Trimble, Brendan Wood, Brop Treb, Bugs and Rats, Bunny’s A Swine, The Burds, Byrd/Thompson, Canary Ferret, Chris Corsano/Bill Nace Duo, Chris North, Choke Up, The Clap, Cleansing Wave, The Colin L. Orchestra, Convulsions, The Craters, Crazy Spirit, Curmudgeon, Cutleri, Dagwood, Dan Webb & The Spiders, Deafbabe, Death Shepherd, The Debate, December Sound, D Gookin, DNFMOMD, Doomstar, The Dopamines, Draize, Duck That, Earthquake Party, Easter Bloodhounds, Ed Masuga, Eggs Eggs, The Electric City of the Future, Ehnahre, Evan Greer, Extra Life, Exusamwa, The Fagettes, Falcon Levitation, Fat Worm of Error, Fedavees, Ferocious Fucking Teeth, Fey Rey, Finisher, Foreign Objects, Funny Money, The Furiousity, Furnace, The G-Spots, Garincha, Gary War, Gash, Gay Shapes, George from Amoroso, Ghost in Salad, Girlfriends, Gone Bad, Gracious Calamity, Graph, Great Valley, Grizzler, Group Doueh, Guerilla Toss, Guillermo Sexo, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Headband, Heathen Shame, Heavy Sweaters Band, Herbcraft, Hogstompers, Holiday Mountain, Honeysuck, Horaflora, Horsehands, Hunnie Bunnies, Hurricanes of Love, Hypnic Jerk, Idiolect, Immigrants, The Inhalers, Iron Hand, J Won’t, Jam Fu, Jason Sanford, Jesse Rifken, Jimmy Hugs The Scientist, Jukebox Romantics, KC Solaris, Kal Marks, Karen Zane, Keichi Hashimoto, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Khaira Arby, Kid Romance, Libyans, Life Partners, LIVVER, Loup Garou and Steve Norton, Luau, Lunglust, MMOSS, Magic People, Manners, Major Stars, Make Love, The Many Peoples Band, Matahari, Mattress, MC2, Metal and Glass Ensemble, Mikey Lee, Mind Yeti, Mister Siter, Molly Allis, Mornin’ Ol Sport, Most Bitter, Mount Peru, Movers & Shakers, Naga Gaga, Nam, Neptune, New Creases, New Highway Hymnal, Night Fruit, No Fun, Nose Jobs, Now Denial, Numbers and Letters, Old Edison, Olneyville Sound System, One Happy Island, Outdates, Outpost 13, OWWLFOXX, Parasol, The Party Pigs, Pataphor, Peace, Loving, Peter Negroponte, Pile, Pink Parts, Planets Around The Sun, Preggy Peggy, The Proselyte, Pupstar, Putnam Murdock, Quilt, Quinn, The Radicals, Ramming Speed, Reports, Resignation, Riff Gallagher, Roland & Jane, Rotten Apples, Ryan Lee Crosby, Ryley Walker, Sacred Harp, Sam Mickens, Saralee, Second Day Venom, Shadow Waltz, Shepherdess, Shira E, Skimask, Side O’Ranch, Single Female Lawyer, Six Organs of Admittance, Sleepy Very Sleepy, Slowdim, Social Circkle, Soccer Mom, Soft Skull, Speaker for the Dead, Spirit Kid, Spooktober, Steel Garter, The Stolen Elk, Swamp Angels, The Tampoffs, Tamsin Wilson, Tan Vampires, Taps, Team Teamwork, Teenage Penis and the Herps, Thick Shakes, Tinsel Teeth, Toilet Phone, Trabants, Triple Thick, Troop of Echoes, Tropical Ooze, Veedon Fleece, Vehement Caress, Veloz, Venerate The Plow, Vile Bodies, Walkmaster Flex, Walter Noons, Waste Management, Welcome Home, White Pages, Wife, Will Stratton, Wrong Bodies, Xela, YDMIER #6, Young Adults, Young Tremors, You Wont

Nights: Primordial Sounds two band bills @ Middlesex Lounge, SWAGDAD @ O’Briens, The Series @ Weirdo Records, Night of the Living Deadhead @ ZUZU; Mondo Fiasco @ The Model; IMPERALISMS @ River Gods

Notables: The ICA had a summer exhibition of vinyl-related art. The Fagettes went on a West Coast tour with Rotten Apples in July. Store 54, a thrift joint, opened in June in Allston. R. Stevie Moore played Church on June 14. On June 16, The Beets from Queens, NY played at Allston basement venue Problem House, also with Brilliant Colors from San Francisco. Boomerangs opened on Mass Ave in Central Sq in June. Heavy Cream from Nashville, TN played Butcher Shoppe on June 21. June 23 was stacked with touring bands in Boston: White Lung and Nu Sensae from Canada played Gay Gardens, Hanni El Khatib and Bass Drum of Death played Great Scott, and Strange Boys and White Fence played Church. Sic Alps and Purling Hiss played Church on June 26. Nobunny played Church on June 30. Kurt Vile and Woods played Brighton Music Hall on July 11. From The Back Room screened at Democracy Center on July 14. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat played Butcher Shoppe on July 16. BJ Snowden played ZUZU on July 18. Raw Meet #1 took place at A Sensitive Location and featured 15 bands (many on tour from NC & St. Louis) with 15 minute sets back to back. July 22 to July 24 was Allston DIY FEST at The Burrow, Royal Palace, Problem House, Butcher Shoppe, and Ringer Park. Kid Romance released a 12″ on Skrot Up Records out of Denmark in July. Fat History Month released their debut 12″ on Sophomore Lounge in August. Deep Heaven Now 4 took place at PA’s and The Precinct. Brain F# (Brain Flannel) from North Carolina played The Frat Cave on August 5. Starlab Fest took place on August 6. Weird Stock 3 took place on August 14 at Cambridge YMCA. Iceage from Denmark played Midway on August 15. The Soupcans from Toronto played at The Hen House on August 20.


DIY/All Ages Spaces: 3rd Life Studios, The Aviary, Blue Triangle Loft, Brookline Access TV, The Butcher Shoppe, Democracy Center, The Fort, The Floft (Fleisenberg Floft), Frat Cave (Waltham), Gay Gardens (GG Allin’s Broken Home), Helms Deep, The Hen House, House of 1,000 Smiles, Lilypad, The Muthership, Peewee’s Playhouse, Problem House, The Slaughterhouse Gallery, Spectacle (Chinatown), Starlab, Wacky Kastle, Weirdo Records, Whitehaus, Yes Oui Si, YMCA (Central Sq.)
Venues: All Asia, Charlie’s Kitchen, Church, Great Scott, The Haven, The Middlesex Lounge, Midway Cafe, O’Briens, PA’s Lounge, Plough and Stars, The Precinct, TT The Bears, Zuzu

Bands: 28 Degrees Taurus, Alto Jeffro, Amoroso, Andrew Eisenberg, Ancient Filth, Ancient Ocean, Andy & Zeus, Angela Sawyer, Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase, Animal Hospital, Anthony Savino, Arvid Noe, Asha, Ashley Paul, Aspects of War, Avi Jacob, Awful Man, The BFs, Baba Yaga, Battle House, B. Law, Bell & The Bees, Beautiful Weekend, Berglind Augustdottir, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Big Big Bucks, Big Digits, Bill Nace & Greg Kelly Duo, Birthdays, Blood Krow Butcher, Blue Dress, Bobb Trimble and his Flying Spiders, Bone Zone, Bozmo, Brain Killer, Brenda, Brian S. Ellis, Bubonic Bear, Bugs and Rats, Byrd and Thompson Duo, CBOP, Caring Babies, Casey Rocheteau, Cave Bears, Child Bride, Choke Up, Chris Corsano, Chris North, Chris Paddock, Chris Welcome, Chronox, The Clippers, Codeine Schoolboy, Comanche, Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Corridors, Cotton Candy, Crank Sturgeon, The Credentials, Curmudgeon, The Curses, Daniel Striped Tiger, Dan Webb, Das Butcher, Deaf Center, Death Shepard, Deep Sheep, Devil Music Ensemble, Diastema, Dick Zoo, Die-Cut Tears, Dolphins Into The Future, Doomstar, Dream Apartment, Dry Hump, Duck That, Dust Commander, Eat Cloud, Emma N. Young, Extreme Animals, The Fagettes, Fat History Month, Fedavees, Ferocious Fuckheads, The Fleece, Fleshtone Aura, Florida=Death, Floris Van Hoof, Flower-Corsano Duo, Foam/Flora, Free Pizza, Fruit Salad, Fucs, Fucking Teeth, Fugue, Funa Natra, Funny Money, Furnace, Future Carnivores, Get Laid, Ghost Box Orchestra, Ghost In Salad, Girlfriends, Glenn Jones, Gobby, Golden Ghost, Golden Girls, The Gondoliers, Gracious Calamity, Graph, Graverobbers, Greasy Cuffs Song Tour, Greg Kelley, The Grinds, Gross, Guillermo Sexo, Headband, Heathen Shame, Hello Shark, High Aura’d, Hogstompers, Homeworld, Howard Martin, Hunnie Bunnies, Hyena, ID M Theftable, Initials BR, Jay Sullivan, Jeff Mission, Jenny Graf, Jimmy Hugs The Scientist, Jizz Wizard, Joe Burgio, Kal Marks, Kath Bloom, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Kevin Frenette, Kid Romance, Kill Conrad, Kit Demos, Leagues, Libyans, Life Partners, Little Bones, MMOSS, MV & EE, Magic People, Major Stars, Make Love, Male Nurses, Manners, Many Mansions, Marconi, Michael Rosenstein, Mike Bullock, Mind Jelly, Mini-Boone, Mister Sister, Molly Allis and Friends, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Moon Climb The Wall, Morgan Evans Weiler, Morgan Shaker, Mount Peru, Needy Visions, Neptune, Nerdy Virgins, The New Highway Hymnal, Now Denial, Nutchild, Offset Needle Radius, Ok Vancouver Ok, Ovlov, Parasol, Party Pigs, Pataphor, Peace/Loving, Pile, Points North, Puppy Mill, Rafael Toral, Ramming Speed, Reformed Homosexual, Reports, Retribution Body, Roh Delikat, Saralee, The Scamps, Scouter, Second Day Venom, Shai Erlichman, Shayna Dulberger, Shira E, Shitaly, The Silks, Skimask, Skinny Vinny, Sneaky Mister, Son of Salami, Soft Pyramids, Sore Eros, Streight Angular, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Sunrising, The Super Secret Project, Sway, Table Radios, Taiwan Typhoon, The Tampoffs, Taps, There Will Be Drums, Three French Hens, This Car Up, Tigersaw, Tik Tok, Tinsel Teeth, Tristan Da Cunha, Twilight Tipi, Ununi, Utah Jazz, Vic Rawlings, Vile Bodies, Viva Viva, Volcano Kings, Waters Boylan, Welcome Home, White Birch Brewery Tasting, Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, Wounded Knees, Wright/Vasalenko/Pensado Trio, Xela, You and Your Pointy Ears, Young Adults, Zomes, The Zookeepers

Nights: Primordial Sounds two band bills @ Middlesex Lounge; Non-Event; Night of the Living Deadhead @ Zuzu; The Series @ Weirdo Records; Don’t Ask Don’t Tell @ O’Briens; Imperialism @ River Gods;

Notables: The Aviary art space/gallery opened in JP on March 3. The Beets from Queens played PA’s on March 3. BLAST FORTH was the Whitehaus Family Record fourth annual showcase at The YMCA in Central Square, Cambridge on March 20. SMASHITDEADFEST 2011, a 3 day punk fest to benefit Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, began on March 25 and took place at Problem House, House of 1,000 Smiles, and MassArt Gym. On March 30, JEFF The Brotherhood and Juiceboxxx played Great Scott, with Skimask opening. The Midway Cafe was newly expanded as of April 2011. Heavy Cream from Tennessee played Starlab on April 4 and on the same day Colleen Green played Zuzu. Tres Gatos, Boston’s first full service restaurant, book, and music store opened in JP. The annual WHRB Record Hospital Fest took place on April 8 and 9 at Democracy Center. Overnight Lows on Goner Records played Charlie’s Kitchen on April 11. The third Deep Heaven now took place at The Precinct and PA’s on April 15 and 16. On April 18, Davila 666 from Puerto Rico played at Charlie’s Kitchen. Hunx and his Punx and Shannon and the Clams played at TT The Bears on April 24 with The Fagettes opening. White Wires from Ottawa played Starlab on April 29 with Colleen Green, Big Big Bucks, and Luau. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 played The Midway on May 9 (first Boston show in over 10 years). JP Record Fair happened on May 15. Mass Market was held at the Mass Art Gym on May 21. Peach Kelli Pop (Allie of White Wires) played Problem House on May 26 with Kal Marks, Saralee, and The Scamps. WTF Fest 4 took place in Wellfleet, Cape Cod.


DIY/All Ages Spaces: Brookline Access TV, Blue Triangle, Bungee Stomp, The Burrow, Busted Ship, Cafe Fixe, Democracy Center, Dubhaus, Eisenberg Loft, Frat Cave (Waltham), Gay Gardens, Hallway Gallery, Haunted Casino, House (of 1,000 Smiles), Out of the Blue Art Gallery, Spectacle, Spontaneous Celebrations, Starlab, Studio 54, The Muthership, Weirdo Records, Whitehaus, Yes Oui Si, YMCA (Central Sq.)
Venues: Charlie’s Kitchen, Church, Great Scott, Middle East Upstairs, Middlesex Lounge, Midway Cafe, PA’s Lounge, Plough and Stars, O’Briens, Zuzu

Bands: Acht(En), Adam Aslan & The Aslannots, Amoroso, Andrew Bernstein, Andrew Eisenberg Duo, Angela Sawyer, Anna Fox, Arvid Noe, Asyna Asayn, Aster, Audrey Ryan, Baba Yaga, Banditas, BEES, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Big Digits, Blevin Blectum, Boston Strangler, Brain Drain, Brendan Murray, Bunny’s A Swine, Camp Island, Cave Bears, Charlotte Huffman, Chris Corsano and Dredd Foole Duo, Chris North, Chris Warren, Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Cotton Candy, Coyote Kolb Brown Bird, Crank Sturgeon, The Craters, Crotchbag, Cycles, Daily Life, Dan Webb and the Spiders, Death Shepherd, Dianetics, Dinasaur, Donna Parker, Doomstar!, Double Awake, Duck That, Dutchguts, Eat Cloud, Endless Humiliation, Exusamwa!, The Fagettes, Fat History Month, Fat Worm of Error, Fedavees, Florida=Death, Franklin’s Mint, FRKSE, Funny Money, Ghost in Salad, Gila Monster, Girlfriends, Give Paris One More Ch-, GOBBY, Gondoliers, Government Warning, Gracious Calamity, Graph, Greg Moon, Grave Robbers, The Great Valley, Hands and Knees, Hangman’s Alphabet, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Hex Map, High Aura’d, Hogstompers, Homeworld, Howard Martin, Human Hairs, Hunnie Bunnies, Hurricanes of Love, Hyena, ID M Theftable, Immaculate Grotesque, Keith Waters, Kevin Micka & Mark Pearson Duo, King Rat, Lex Russo, Life Partners, Lion Club, Lyres, MMOSS, Magic Magic, Major Stars, Male Nurses, Manners, Many Mansions, Marcia Basset and Samara Lubelski, Mature ATM, Matt Murphy, MEandJOANCOLLINS, Memorize The Sky, Middle Kingdom, Mind Yeti, Ming Ming, Molly Allis and the Light Warrior Orchestra, Moon Climb The Wall, Most Bitter, Motionless, Mount Peru, Mr. Sister, Mutation in the Gyrd, Nnu3, Needy Visions, Nerdy Virgins, No Way Jose, Nose Jobs, Ohpibre, Owlhead Wooden Man, Owen Gardener, Pancho The Kid, Patrick EMM, Peace/Loving, Pelvis McGillicuddy, Pile, Points North, Puppymill, Quilt, Ramming Speed, RENE, Reuben Son, Revocation, Rotten Apples, The Rowdy Ones, Sam Gas Can, Sami Danger Stevens, Sassachu, The Scamps, Secret Sea, Seijiro Murayama, Seth Faergolzia, Sexcrement, Shitaly, Skimask, Skinny Vinny, Smak 10k, Sore Eros, Spirit Kid, Straight Angular, Steve Norton/Noell Dorsey, The Tampoffs, Ten Years Old, Thick Shakes, Thundersun, TINSEL TEETH, Treehorn, Triple Thick, Truman Peyote, Tunnel of Love, Typical White Male, Urethra Franklin and Almond-Butter Brothers Band, Vic Rawlings, Vile Bodies, Volcano Kinds, Waking Lights, Waters Boylan, Welcome Home, You and Your Pointy Ears, Zerfallt

Nights: Primordial Sounds two band bills @ Middlesex Lounge; Non-Event; Golden Sound Series @ Brookline Access TV filmed live and put on YouTube; Nighttime Gallagher & DJ Lenny @ ZuZu; Night of the Living Deadhead, Mondays @ Zuzu; The Series @ Weirdo Records, IMPERALISM @ River Gods

Notables: MASS MARKET was held on December 12 in the Mass Art Gym and that night Juiceboxxx from Milwaukee performed at Brookline Access TV. On December 21, The Eeries from Philly played at Gay Gardens. The Konks final show was at Great Scott on January 29, 2011 with The Tampoffs, Triple Thick, and Tunnel of Love. Yes Oui Si officially opened on February 11. The 3rd Boston Underground Summit took place at the YMCA in Central on February 12 as did a Records and Zines fair at Democracy Center. GONE BAD from NY featuring Coco Roy played at PA’s on February 26.


DIY/All Ages Spaces: Brookline Access TV, Cafe Fixe, Eleconia, Fiscenberg Loft, Frida Bee, Gay Gardens, Goeth-Institute, Problem House, Spectacle (Chinatown), Starlab, The Temple, Weirdo Records, Whitehaus, Yes.Oui.Si, YMCA (Cambridge)
Venues: Great Scott, Midway Cafe, PA’s Lounge, The Paramount, TT The Bears, The Western Front, ZuZu

Bands*: 28 Degrees Taurus, Ambitious Tugboat, Anna Fox, Animal Hospital, Audio Slab, Avoidance, Baba Yaga, Baby Brainwaves, Baby Driver, Banditas, Beach Hair, Bell & The Bees, The Big Big Bucks, Black Pyramid, The Blue Ribbon Band, Bobb Trimble & His Flying Spiders, The Body, Chris Devlin, The Cold Beat, Corridors, The Cups, Damon and Naomi, Death Shepherd, Debo Band, December Sound, Dick Panthers, Doomstar, Double Awake, Drug Rug, Duck That, Earthquake Party!, Electric Zeus, Eli Keszler, Endless Wave, Eternia, Exusamwa, Fast Death, Fat History Month, Fat Worm of Error, The Fedavees, Freida Abtan, French Cops, Girlfriends, Gracious Calamity, Grizzler, Hands and Knees, Heathen Shame, Herbcraft, High Aura’d, Holzkopf, Hyena, Invisible Circle, Jaggery, Jason Lescaleet, Jesse Gallagher, Joe Turner & Seven Levels, Kal Marks, Kath Bloom, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Kevin Micka / Mark Pearson Duo, Life Partners, Lion Club, Loud Neighbors, MAGIC MAGIC, Maine Coons, Many Mansions, Major Stars, Male Nurses, Marissa Nadler, Math The Band, Mind Yeti, MMOSS, Movers & Shakers, MV & EE, Needy Visions, Neptune, Peace, Loving, Pelvis McGillicuddy, People of the North, The Points North, Polly Pockets, Puppy Mill, QUILT, Recall, Reuben Son, Reports, Rotten Apples, The Rowdy Ones, Scamps, Schurt Kwitters, Scribblenauts, Shepherdess, Shitaly, Skimask, Sunrising, Taps, Thick Shakes, Thundersun, Travil Laplante, Truman Peyote, Tunnel of Love, Turtle Ambulance, Vic Rawlings, Vile Bodies, Viva Viva, War of Words, The Woodrow Wilsons, Wurm Tongue, Young Adults

Nights: IMPERIALISM @ River Gods, Nighttime Gallagher & DJ Lenny @ ZuZu

Notables: September 13 at Weirdo Records was Maine Coons last show before he bailed to Austin. Armageddon Record Shop opened in September in Harvard Square. UV Race from Australia played at Problem House on September 14 as part of a tour that included a slot at Gonerfest 7. JP Fest took place on September 24 at The Temple. Homegrown II, a festival put on by Bodies of Water Shows, took place on October 15, 16, 17 at The Temple. Peep this line-up, stolen from Compass Issue #9:


Deep Heaven Now took place on November 12 and 13 at PA’s Lounge and Precinct. No Age rolled through the Middle East Downstairs and Needy Visions opened.


DIY/All Ages Spaces:
Brookline Access TV, Butcher Shoppe (B Shoop), Democracy Center, Gay Gardens, Lilypad, Problem House, Starlab, The Temple, Weirdo Records, Whitehaus
: Cantab Lounge, Charlie’s Kitchen (Monday nights especially), Great Scott, O’Briens Pub, PA’s Lounge,

Bands*: Abram Taber, Ambitious Tugboat, Angela Sawyer, Animal Hospital, Apollo Sunshine, ARVID NOE, Banditas, Big Bear, Big Digits, Blevin Bectum, Blister Pack, Bobb Trimble’s Flying Spiders, Bone Zone, Brian S. Ellis, CEREAL, The Cold Beat, Comma, Debo Band, Devil Music, Dick Heaven, DOOMSTAR, Double Awake, Drug Rug, Duck That, Easy Boy, Ehnahre, Fat History Month, Four Eyes, Fuxa Natra, Girlfriends, Gracious Calamity, Graph, The Great Valley, Hands and Knees, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Heathan Shame, Horse Spirit Penetrates, Human Hairs, Hyena, Jack Callahan, Joe Turner & The Seven Levels, Kid Romance, Kurt Weisman, Lawrence Welks, Life Partners, Lord Jeff, Loup Garou, Maine Coons, Manners, Many Mansions, Metal and Glass Ensemble, Mind Yeti, MMOSS, Mouse Queen, Needy Visions, Neptune, New Yoga, Ophibre, Peace, Loving, Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers, Prince Bedtime, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, Quilt, Rat City Three, RENE, REPORTS, Roh Delikat, Rotten Apples, Skimask, Spring Totems, Thick Shakes, Toby Aronson, Tooth Ache, Truman Peyote, TULSA, Varsity Drag, The Vomit Arsonist, Wolves and the Radio, The Woodrow Wilsons, Young Adults, The Young Leaves

Nights: IMPERIALISM @ River Gods

Notables: On June 8, there was a free concert at Downtown Crossing featuring Needy Visions, Hands and Knees, and Thick Shakes. On June 11, Future Islands of Baltimore played at a new venue, Brookline Access TV. Wavves and Cloud Nothings played at Great Scott on June 22. The Whitehaus held a HOOT on June 26. Nobunny played at PA’s Lounge on June 29. There was a Burger Records 4th of July celebration at the Temple in JP with MMOSS, Apache, Cosmonauts, and the CQ. Artbeat Festival was held in Davis Square, Somerville on July 17, was outdoors, and Needy Visions and Hands and Knees played. DIY Fest took place on July 24 in Allston. On August 8, Deep Heaven Now, a psychedelic rock/ambient festival took place at Precinct and PA’s Lounge. Campout Fest took place on August 28 at Camp Stanica in Palmer, MA and featured the likes of Debo Band, Jason Anderson, Prince Rama, Needy Visions, Happy Birthday, Many Mansions, and many others.

*Includes bands from Boston/New England. If a non-local band was mistakenly included, please let us know! Know a local band that played a show during this time? Prove it and they’ll be included*



SARALEE: Active from 2011 to 2015 –
“The sweetest party indie pop that Boston has heard in sometime…” – BH
“DA SWEETEST psychedelic sounds, we all know” – BH
“infectious brand of raucous indie pop that you’ll come away humming fer sure”  – BH
“smooth psych tunes for all the true dudes” – BH
“this guitar-drum duo will transport you to a warm dream world of fuzzy lo-fi croons, crashing symbals and smothered, earnest drum grooves”
“the reigning Allston king and queen of dreamy fuzz pop tunage” – BH
“beachy garage gunk funk full of driving drums and fuzzy half-forgotten hooks” – BH
“understated, haunting lo-fi power pop, anchored by Sara’s cool, disaffected croon and propelled by Lee’s steady, shimmering backbeat” – BH
“combine pop and surf grooves for songs about love and loss, culminating in an all around good time” – BH
“SaraLee recall the exhilaration and emotional tumult of surf rock, yet are bereft of any explicit sonic tropes that characterize Dick Dale era-instrumentation or the hazy garage pop revival of the last decade. Instead, they are a surf band of the heart, one that channels the rapidly changing emotional currents into propulsive streams surging ever forward towards the sea.” – BH