Concert Review: Those Darlins, Strange Boys, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men @ TT the Bears (9/17/10)

Artists: Those Darlins, Strange Boys, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men Location/Venue: T.T. the Bears, Cambridge, MA Date: Friday, September 17, 2010 Comments: Gentlemen Jesse: WOW! Being only casually familiar with this band, I was pleasantly surprised that I loved every second of their performance. I was as energetically into the music as I would be … Continue reading “Concert Review: Those Darlins, Strange Boys, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men @ TT the Bears (9/17/10)”


Here’s the link for the new Those Darlins 7″. Hope y’all enjoy! A review will be a comin’ prolly tomorrow. “Night Jogger” and “Funstix Party” by The Funstix (this is their debut!) The Funstix are TD Members Jessi Darlin and Linwood Regensburg. Those Darlins will be arriving in Boston, on tour with The Strange … Continue reading “NEW THOSE DARLINS 7″!”

Those Darlins/Strange Boys @ TT The Bears

A tour has been recently announced: Those Darlins (11:40) are on the bill as the headliner with The Strange Boys (10:30) and Gentleman Jesse and His Men (9:30) opening. Chris and I saw The Strange Boys open for Spoon a few months ago. We saw Gentleman Jesse and His Men open for Black Lips in … Continue reading “Those Darlins/Strange Boys @ TT The Bears”

CD Review: Those Darlins

Chris will probably follow-up soon with an extensive review of his own. This is just for my record keeping purposes. Band: Those Darlins Release: 2009 1. “Red Light Love” – 8.8 2. “Wild One” – 8.3 3. “Mama’s Heart” – 8.4 4. “Hung up on Me” – 8.5 5. “The whole damn Thing” – 8.5 … Continue reading “CD Review: Those Darlins”

Boston Fuzzstival 2014 Recap

Date: Saturday, August 2, 2014 Venue: Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs (Cambridge, MA) Bands: Dinoczar, Black Beach, Gymshorts, The TeleVibes, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, CreaturoS, Atlantic Thrills, Abadabad, Magic Shoppe, 28 Degrees Taurus, The Fagettes, Fat Creeps, Doug Tuttle, Ghost Box Orchestra, The New Highway Hymnal Once again, here’s another show review … Continue reading “Boston Fuzzstival 2014 Recap”

A KLYAMer’s Preview of Boston FUZZSTIVAL 2014

Boston Fuzzstival 2014 organized by Illegally Blind’s Jason Trefts is going down tomorrow (Saturday August 2nd) afternoon and evening at The Middle East Upstairs (starting at 1 PM) and Downstairs (starting at 6 PM) and features exactly 15 bands of the garage/psych/surf/pop variety — exactly the styles of music that we appreciate most around here … Continue reading “A KLYAMer’s Preview of Boston FUZZSTIVAL 2014”

KLYAM Recommended Shows (Oct 13 to Oct 19)

Sunday, October 13, 2013 THOSE DARLINS @ Great Scott – 9 PM – $12 – Nashville country punk slimers Those Darlins roll into town with a fresh new LP in hand Blur The Line. Their new stuff has a more personal sheen yet I bet their live show is still as wild and sweatily satisfying as … Continue reading “KLYAM Recommended Shows (Oct 13 to Oct 19)”