KLYAM Presents… Shows

Upcoming Shows!
MON, December 14 – Adam PC, Gravel, The Nude Party,  Johnnie and the Foodmasters @ ZuZu w/ Rad Castle


SAT, November 21 – Future Spa, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Squash, The Lonely Machines @ Wilder Zangcraft
Flyer by Cody Pettengill

Nobunny 2015
Flyer by TJ of Midriffs

Whip Appeal, Style (as Flipper), Mike Mountain, G. Gordon Gritty @ Midway Cafe (10/20/15)

Flyer by Dick Nixon

Wet Nurse
Wet Nurse (above, from Orlando,FL), halfsour, Digital Prisoners of War @ ZuZu (9/23/15)

Bum flyer
Flyer by Cody Pettengill

ESQ Flyer
Flyer by Coco Roy and Avi Paul Weinstein
Art work by Keven Lareau

July 24th
Flyer by Arielle Winchester

Six Years
Flyer by Jim Leonard

Cody Flyer
Flyer by Cody Pettingil

Hussy flyer
Flyer by G. Gordon Gritty

Flyer by G. Gordon Gritty

Jim Bohemia
Flyer by Jim Leonard

Free show
Flyer by Kurt Egghart

Prefabs poster
Flyer by Xerox Feinberg

Flyer by Bryce Davidson

Flyer by Gangbang Gordon

Flyer by Cody Pettengil

Flyer by Gangbang Gordon
Club Bohemia GBG
Flyer by Gangbang Gordon
ESQ Release
Flyer by Jane Fitzsimmons
Cumstain Boston
Flyer by Christine Moore
KLYAM Presents
Flyer by Gangbang Gordon
GGAT flier
Flyer by Kelly Riley

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