Boston Hassle Underground Music Comp/ Release Show!

Boston Hassle is a compilation documenting various, fascinating bands in the Boston underground music scene. In other words it’s a gigantic middle finger to corporate Boston or all those who have shunned these fine artists that lurk beneath the outskirts of the vapid music industry. Needy Vision, Dan Shea- the man behind all of this says it best himself: “Boston Hassle is an underground music comp that is being released exclusively on a wearable button/music player format called PLAYBUTTON.” Indeed, the format for this comp is unique and quite convenient. On top of that, there will be a Boston Hassle Comp Release Show on Sunday, December 11 @ Great Scott in Allston featuring Fat History Month, Saralee, Exusamwa, Needy Visions, Creaturos, Kid Romance, more!!! Excellent.
Here are some choice links:

In 1787 it was Shay’s Rebellion. In 2011 it is Shea’s Rebellion.

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